Work With Us.

Available positions for the 2019 growing season:

1. Field Manager

-on salary, $500/wk between 30-40 hours depending on seasonal demands.

-must have row crop farm experience, small scale, intensive, organic practices and flower experience preference.

-must be comfortable managing a small farm crew, making lists, setting daily,weekly, and monthly tasks and seeing that they get done.

-main role of field manager will be seeing to the starting, transplanting, growing, watering, trellising, harvesting and post harvest management of flowers for sale, deliveries and food production for farmstead. Must be open to setting up and attending farmers markets alone. Additional roles may include pig, horse and chicken chores, moving fences, mowing, pruning, tool maintenance, and small building projects.

-must be a good problem solver and willing to take the lead.

-Season length would be May-October with negotiable April and November extensions depending on situation.

2. Field Crew

Full-Time Nanny