Stitchdown is a multifarious beast.

While much of our commercial focus is on growing and arranging flowers for events, the farm is a dynamic (choatic) place. In addition to bathing in flower petals daily, we keep ourselves and the landscape busy with an ostensibly impractical, and consistently rewarding array of homestead activities. Like for example raising pigs and building a relationship with our draft horse Ted. Or making syrup from our sugarbush and naturally fermented cider from the wild apple trees on the farm, some of which predate us by hundreds of years. We cure our meat in the traditional manner and make our bread with ambient yeast. We build furniture and cabins and treehouses when necessary, and cut timber to heat the house. Not saying we’re particularly good at any of the endeavors yet, but we are here on this piece of land to build an agrarian life, closer to the source. To build skills and equity in our abilities, to reclaim the generational knowledge we lack, and bank it for our children. To spread inspiration to agrarian action, and to share our spoils along the way. It is magnificently difficult to commit to the labor and frustration of learning as you go, and to weather the flat-out shitstorms that these pursuits beget daily. And it’s worth it. Flowers are an economic engine that creates for us the opportunity to pursue a lifestyle that is active, curious, complex, purposeful, interconnected and really, really fucking delicious.

Stitchdown Farm Vermont Poppies
Vermont ranunculus wedding
Stitchdown Vermont Spring Boutonniere
Stitchdown Vermont Spring Bridal Bouquet
Vermont grown wildflower florist
Vermont grown wildflower arrangement
Stitchdown Farm vermont grown wedding flowers
Stitchdown vermont wedding florist local wildflowers
Stitchdown DIY bucket wedding flowers
Vermont wedding florist local flowers
Vermont flowers dried wreath
Stitchdown vermont grown local wildflowers
Stitchdown Vermont moody wildflower arrangement
Stitchdown Vermont florist local flowers
Stitchdown Farm Woodstock farmers market
Stitchdown Wedding bouquet toss
Stitchdown Farm Vermont Grown Farmer Florist
Vermont Grown Oriental Poppy
Stitchdown Farm Pig Roast
Stitchdown Farm wood fired plancha chapa
Vermont Pastured Pigs
Magnus the English Shepherd
Stitchdown Farm vermont grown wedding flowers Simon Pearce
Vermont Grown wedding flowers farmer florist Simon Pearce
Hand Hewn Timber Frame Road Sign Farm Sign Gold Leaf
Vermont Timber Frame Cabin Stitchdown Farm
hand hewn cherry brace stitchdown farm
stitchdown farm sign hand hewn timber framed gold leaf
Stitchdown Farm pigs flower arrangement
Stitchdown Farm head table centerpiece
Stitchdown Farm vermont maple syrup sugaring
Stitchdown Farm seattle wedding ceremony arrangements
Stitchdownf Farm maple syrup sugaring supplies
Stitchdown Farm x Wildfolk Studio event collaboration
Stitchdown Farm hand painted local flowers sign
Rita Stitchdown Farm Vermont Poppies
Stitchdown Farm glass greenhouse recycled windows
Russel Forestry Services draft horse logging at Stitchdown Farm
Stitchdown Farm + Farmhouse Pottery greenhouse dinner party
Stitchdown Farm laying hens
Stitchdown Farm apple blossoms
Stitchdown Farm belgian draft horse
Stitchdown Farm flower cake
Stitchdown Farm glass greenhouse dinner party
Stitchdown Farm draft horse logging
Stitchdown Farm fall foliage draft horses
Stitchdown Woodstock house tour arrangment
Stitchdown Farm summer arrangement dahlia lisianthus rose nasturtium
Stitchdown Farm vermont grown lisianthus
Stitchdown for Woodstock House Tour-1.jpg
Stitchdown Farm flowering quince
Rita Stitchdown Farm Bridal Altar Arrangements
Stitchdown Farm bridal bouquet